Create Videos With More Thought In Less Time

With a simple link, Treasure makes it unbelievably easy for anyone to create personal or group videos and share meaningful messages in minutes. No fancy technology or experience needed to celebrate baby.

Send a Truly Meaningful Gift

From birthdays to weddings, new hires to retirements – Treasure is the perfect gift to give as a group. Easily create a video montage from family & friends to celebrate any special occasion.

How it Works

Share a Link with your friends

Within 60 seconds, you’ll have a secret link you can share with your friends so they can easily add a video right from their phone.

Drag & Drop Video Submissions

Once you’ve received all the video submissions, use our easy drag & drop tool to arrange the videos in the order you want them to appear.

Your Treasure Awaits You

Once you’re happy with the order of your videos, simply press a button to create your Treasure. Just copy the link and share it with the recipient.


Get started for free; upgrade any time


Up to 3 Video Submissions


Get started for free and receive unlimited submissions. Magically stitch together up to 3 video submissions.


Up to 100 Video Submissions


Unlock your Treasure to magically stitch together more than three video submissions. 


How do I invite people to record their video?

When you create your Treasure, we give you a unique link to share with your friends and family. You can send that link through text message, email, WhatsApp, Facebook – whichever way works best for you.

How do people record their videos?

When people click the link to record their Treasure videos, they see a page that explains the reason for the video and a custom photo if you choose to add it. They see easy-to-follow instructions and can record right from their phone or computer with webcam. The process is extremely easy and they do not need to sign up for an account or install an app. 

How long can my Treasure be?

Once you have unlocked your Treasure, the video can feature as many videos as you’d like, up to 45 minutes long. Encourage your friends and family to limit their videos to less than 60 seconds for the ideal Treasure format.

How is the final video produced?

No need to download any apps or have any video-editing skills at all. When you’ve received all your submissions, you can simply drag and drop the videos to your desired order and we’ll stitch them together for you.

Who gets to see the videos?

When it comes to sharing the final product, you are in total control. When you’re finished with your Treasure, we will send you a private link only you can see. From there, you can decide how you’d like to share your Treasure.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to create a Treasure and receive video submissions. To produce a Treasure with more than 3 videos, you must unlock the paid version, which is a one-time fee of $15 per project.

How long does this take?

To start your Treasure: Less than 1 minute

Submitting a video: 1-2 minutes

Receiving all your videos: This depends. We recommend giving your recipients 2-3 days time to submit their videos.

I'm not tech-savvy... how hard is this?

We have designed Treasure to be as easy as taking a video with your phone. No matter how tech-savvy you or your recipients may be, Treasure is extremely easy to use. If your recipients can take a video with their smartphone, they will be able to use Treasure.

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