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With a simple link, you can make personal or group videos on any device and share meaningful messages in minutes.

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Get Everyone In On the Fun

Treasure makes it easy for multiple people to contribute to one video project. We give you a simple link to share that makes it foolproof for anyone to submit their recording. It’s so easy, even dad can do it.

Get Started For Free

Want to try Treasure with your friends, family or coworkers? Your first three clip contributions on a group video project are free!

Absolutely No Editing

Unlike traditional video tools, there’s no editing on your end. Just choose the order you want the clips in and Treasure stitches them all together to create one seamless video!

What Will You Create?

With Treasure, you don’t need any expensive or complicated software to turn multiple clips into one video. See how easy it is to make a little movie magic.

Celebrate the People and Moments That Mean the Most to You

Do you wish you could make meaningful videos for life’s biggest moments? Now you can.

Show How Much You Care

Treasure is a more creative way to show someone you’re thinking of them or celebrate a special occasion. Why send another generic card when you could send a personalized video message?

Show How Close You Are, Even If You’re Apart

Treasure is a fun and easy way to bring everyone together. Start a new video project and share your link with someone so they can contribute a short clip. Then, Treasure combines them all into a seamless video that shows the recipient how special they are.

Show How Far You’ve Come

Life is full of memorable journeys and chapters. Treasure makes it easy to capture the experience and your thoughts in the moment, so you can relive these memories and reflect on your progress.

The Easiest Video Tool On the Planet, In the Palm Of Your Hand

See how simple it is to turn several clips into one special video, with Treasure.

Get Your Link

We send you a unique link to use yourself or share with anyone, making it easier than ever to collect videos from friends and family. This is where all of your clips will live until you’re ready to put it all together!

Collect Videos

Your friends and family simply click the link you send them and start recording their video. It’s so easy, even Dad can do it!

Drag, Drop, Publish

As soon as all your clips have been uploaded, you can easily drag and drop them in the order you want. Once you’re happy, hit publish!

Enjoy Your Treasure

You’re done! Now you can share the completed video with the person you treasure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s everything you need to know.

How do I invite people to record their video?

When you create your Treasure, we give you a unique link to share with your friends and family. You can send that link through text message, email, WhatsApp, Facebook – whichever way works best for you.

How do people record their videos?

When people click the private Treasure you link shared, they see a page explaining the reason for the video and a custom photo (if you choose to add one). They simply click record or upload right from their phone, tablet or computer. The process is extremely easy and no app to install.

How do I combine all my submitted clips?

After you have received all of your submissions, you will organize your videos by dragging and dropping the videos into the order that you would like them to play in your final Treasure. When you are finished, you’ll press ‘Publish’ and we will do the rest for you!

Who gets to see the videos?

Only you can see the submitted clips and published, final video.  Once you publish your Treasure, we send you a private link only you can see. From there, you can decide how you’d like to share your Treasure.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to create a Treasure with up to 3 video submissions. If you need more than 3 videos, select the package that fits your needs. For $29 you can use 50 clips and for $49 you can have 100! You only pay for how many clips you publish in your video.

How long does this take?

To start your Treasure: Less than 1 minute

Submitting a video: 1-2 minutes

Receiving all your videos: This depends. We recommend giving your recipients 2-3 days time to submit their videos.

I'm not tech-savvy... how hard is this?

We have designed Treasure to be as easy as taking a video with your phone. No matter how tech-savvy you or your recipients may be, Treasure is extremely easy to use. If your recipients can take a video with their smartphone, they will be able to use Treasure.  We like to say, even a Dad can do it.  smile


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51 to 100 Clips

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Contact us for special pricing.

Now Anyone Can Create Meaningful Videos in Minutes

Whether you’re making a video on your own or with others, stitching a bunch of clips together can make you want to pull your hair out. Treasure gives you a unique link that holds all of your clips in one place and does all the editing for you to create one seamless, special video.


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